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    Bilson: Saints Row 4 will have "an even broader appeal" than Saints Row: The Third

    Saints Row 4 will enable “an even broader appeal” than its predecessor, THQ’s now-ex core games boss Danny Bilson has said in a Eurogamer interview.

    In one of his last interviews as executive vice president of core games at the publisher, Bilson said the sequel would “expand” the appeal of the series.

    “There’s a lot of new characters and new points of view in the game. I can’t say much or I’ll get killed. But I actually think it’ll have an even broader appeal than the last one, based on the content. I’m sure we’re a year away from really talking about it, probably,” he said.

    “But being involved with it, I love what they’re doing with 4. It expands the appeal of the game. It has all the stuff you love, plus more stuff you’ve never seen in any game. Well, we kind of do that with Saints Row, right?

    “Every sequel has got to be better than the one before and have more value and more fun. The team is working really hard towards that right now very diligently.”

    Developer Volition acknowledged the possibility of a sequel last year when producer Scott Phillips told VG247 in an interview it would likely happen if The Third performed well. Before that, Bilson had already teased a sequel was already in the works.

    THQ’s yet to actually announce the sequel, however.

    As of the company’s FY2012 financials this month, The Third has shipped 4.25 million units. The series as a whole has shipped 11 million units.

    THQ announced on Tuesday that Bilson had left the company as core games boss. Naughty Dog co-founder Jason Rubin was announced to have taken over as president.
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    Saints Row: The Third had a disappointing lack of content. A fourth game would need to have more branching storylines with big choices and side quests to be really great.

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