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    Yoshida: The core will never leave core gaming consoles,

    I think he is wrong and the next gen of consoles may be the last.

    Yoshida: The core will never leave core gaming consoles, because consoles are made for games

    Sony head of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, has admitted to GiantBomb it has been a bit of a challenge attracting third-parties to Vita with publishers also delivering content on Facebook, Android and iOS.

    Speaking with the site during E3, Yoshida said he doesnt blame the other platforms for the slow adoption through, as gamers play all kinds of games, on many different platforms.
    Its understandable when that happens, he said. Its kind of hard for us to get as much support that wed like to have from publishing partners.
    I always believe core gamers will never leave core gaming consoles because consoles are made for games. We believe we understand what core gamers want, and its our role to provide the platform for game developers to really create deeper, immersive game experiences.
    We also appreciate people playing games on smartphones, as well. I play games on my smartphone, as well. Gamers play all kinds of games. I think the smartphone and tablet casual market will continue to grow, [because] what its doing is increasing the population of gamers in the world market.

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