Well, this is intriguing.Mashable just got an exclusive invite to a major Microsoft Media Event for June 18 in Los Angeles.
Nothing else and we mean nothing is known about the 3:30 p.m. event (more details, including the venue, should arrive by early Monday morning), but all indications are that this is not your typical Microsoft product unveiling. In fact, Microsoft is making it 100% clear that this is big:
This will be a major Microsoft announcement you will not want to miss it.
Its hard to recall another Microsoft inviotation like this one. No graphics, no details, no leaks. It sounds, well, almost Apple-esque in its urgency and stringent requirements and rules:
This is a non-transferrable invitation, however, if you would like to send your local colleague in your place, please submit that name and it will be reviewed. If you would like to bring a photographer please register that person as your additional guest. Please note still photography and video will be limited.
So what does Microsoft have up its sleeve?
The fact that its in L.A., could indicate an entertainment-related announcement, though it seems unlikely Microsoft would call a new music service major. Our money is on hardware, but then what hardware? If its for consumers, the obvious guess would be an Xbox update or maye a new Kinect device. However, E3 was two weeks ago, why would Microsoft unveil gaming hardware now?


any thoughts on what it could be?