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    Physical books and records or Digital books and records?

    Do you guys think that with people reading books on their ipads and devices that physical books will go the way of the dinosaurs? How do you prefer to read, by flipping pages of a book or scrolling down on a computer or device?

    One more question. A lot of records, including medical, are being stored on computer or on a server or network or whatever. Do you think that's a good idea or a bad idea? If you had to pick a hospital, would you go to the one that stores your information in a computer or go to the one that has it in a file folder?

    I prefer to read my books by flipping pages. I have nothing against digital books at all. Reading on a computer just doesn't give it the same feel as reading a book.

    The good thing about hospitals using computers if is the hospital burns down, your records are safe. However, all someone has to do is hack the computers or mis handle your records and it's a problem. I'm on the fence with this one, but I'm leaning toward physical records.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Black Wolf View Post
    Do you guys think that with people reading books on their ipads and devices that physical books will go the way of the dinosaurs?
    Whoa now! I find that statement offensive. My friends didn't make it cause of that asteroid but I'm goin strong! We would of been fine if it weren't for them space rocks.

    I like flipping through a physical book. I think for important records like taxes and such it's important to have a digital and a hard copy. Just in case.

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    Nothing beats a good ol' physical book i prefer it over digital.

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    As of current physical books are far better as a reading medium, but the digital books provide some solid benefits such as portability and insurance. I've enjoyed my Kindle so far, but maybe when I'm older and financially secure I'll revert back to physical books. I do enjoy seeing my reading percentage though.

    Digital records are pretty much better every way as long as they're responsibly. Backups are important for things like health records, and it's extremely rare for a harddrive to malfunction and damage the data. Hacking is a rare phenomena to begin with. To finalize I think that physical books will not go the way of the dinosaur, but I'm confident that they will inevitably become a novelty item.

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    Depends, but for casual reading digital is a very clean easy to read form.

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    Digital is the way forward.

    It's more convenient in a few ways, just as enjoyable and helps stop us killing trees.

    Weirdly, nobody spoke of the joy of flipping through a 'dead tree book' before digital content started to emerge.

    I read on a Kindle, and it's awesome.

    There's still a place for libraries, though. The reality is 'dead tree books' are rooted (get it?) in our history.

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    With all the bull$#@! we do to this planet, killing trees are just a pile-on. I prefer everything physical. This digital age is something I'm not too fond of. Convenient? Sure! But what happens when my Kindle dies or some server goes to the $#@!ter and the corporation installs their DRM. No thank you. Give me the book and if it dies from wear and tear or just old age, fine. You can keep that digital tomfoolery.

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    I prefer to read on my iPad, being able to search the content and set your own typeface and font size is a huge upside I can't get past. However, there are some authors who's work I prefer to own a physical copy from. So I buy both digital and physical books. The iBook app on iOS emulates a an actual book so you don't actually scroll down as you would on a website instead you flip pages.

    Storing things digitally is a lot better than in physical files. Breaking in and stealing a physical objective is a lot more common than hacking. That being said, if something is truly important you should have both digital and physical backups.

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    I still buy physical copies of books. The same thing can be said with video games (when it comes to home consoles anyway). But I also understand the importance of accessing something digitally. So, like Rapture mentioned before, I don't think people will forget about them completely. It just depends on the situation.
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    Psh, reading. Audiobooks > *. (As long as the narrator isn't trash)
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