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People have always said that the old games are the best, that the classics are better than the new games from the same franchise, well, on PS3 and Xbox 360 anyway. Call of Duty springs to mind when we think, “the old games are the best, the new ones are rubbish!” – this is not particularly due to campers now, is it?

Developers are currently developing a lot of great games, true, but most of the gaming community forever beg them to go back to their roots and develop something like what they developed back in the day, but futurized, so there are new features and such. Sure, you can argue that that is what they’ve done all along, but think back. Is it? Some games were terrible back in the day and have only just hit storm, for example last year Gran Turismo was at it’s climax of gaming history, before that however, the Gran Turismo games were, well, terrible.

This is not a graphics argument. Everyone would love to have some classic games with better graphics, especially first person shooter games. Shooter games are the most popular games at the moment, they require a lot more work however with graphics. Once graphics have been mastered the developers have a lot of models to place around and create maps, simple once they know what they are doing. All of this done they add features, and add, and add. But why? I guarantee people would buy an old game like CoD4 with remastered graphics and a bit more DLC.

Even older games such as GTA: San Andreas would also be a great game to be recreated (which may be in development in GTA5), everyone loved Gta SA, people have also said it was the best Gta. When Gta 4 was released it had a lot of graphic edits, control edits and things just didn’t feel right and were hard to get used to at first. I’m sure everyone would agree if I said we would like to see a Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 2 of some sort? Everyone is already ecstatic about the upcoming GTA 5 because it’s set in the same places as GTA SA.

What do you think? Some just want more and more updates and some just want origins. We’re not saying its Nokia 3310 vs iPhone 4s, but some people prefer oldies, what about you?
Old games always, i prefer old to new games. Love blowing the dust of my old games and getting my mates around having a few beets and just talking,about how games use to be