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    Metal Gear Solid 5 may learn from Deus Ex, confirmed for FOX Engine

    Kojima has let slip a little more on the subject of the inevitable Metal Gear Solid 5, revealing that it will, as suspected, run on Kojima Productions' multiplatform-friendly FOX Engine.

    "There will be a Metal Gear Solid 5 with the new FOX Engine," Kojima told IG Magazine (via Gamekyo and Google Translate). "But what we've shown was not gameplay, or anything like that. It was only a demo that we had developed internally and released because the lighting and interactions with the environment had fooled everyone."

    "About Metal Gear Solid 5, I can tell you two things," he went on. "There will be many questions of infiltration, espionage, and convincing people to do you "a favor" like in the last Metal Gear Solid.

    "I liked the idea of social interactions in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but we will see. And if I say more, the female ninja public relations officer, who is behind the door, will carve me up into pieces. So it's better that we meet again when the time comes to talk about Metal Gear Solid 5."

    The carving-up bit refers to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, in which divisive Solid Snake associate Raiden gets to make pretty patterns out of slow-motion viscera. Kojima was careful, as ever, to distance the Platinum Games effort from the main Metal Gear series - though not so careful about Metal Gear Solid 4 spoilers - stop reading here if you haven't had the pleasure.

    "Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance never claimed to be a Metal Gear Solid. This is not a game about our beloved Solid Snake. It is a spinoff that tries something different. We have not yet finished with Solid Snake, despite the fact that I wanted to let him die at the end of Guns of the Patriots."

    Here are five reasons Metal Gear Solid 5 will appear on Xbox. Are you expecting to see the game on a current generation console, or is this one of those super-secret Xbox 720 titles?

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    Interesting. I have nothing against playing as Snake again! Big Boss would also be nice. As for the last sentence, Kojima has said that Fox Engine is built for current gen hardware, so I doubt it will be a next gen title.

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    Considering he's already working on Zone of the Enders 3, which also utilizes the FOX Engine, we probably won't see Metal Gear Solid 5 anytime soon.
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    Cannot wait!! I very much doubt it's a sequel to MGS4. I remember reading somewhere that he wanted this to take place in Africa, Zanzibar. If you remember from MGS1, Zanzibar is mentioned. As far as Solid Snake fits into this: I think he's finally born from EVA..or maybe the game takes place where he's a teenager. I dunno, I don't remember if he's a clone or if he's actually born from EVA.

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    Whatever it will be, one thing's for sure: it will be in my hands on day one.

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    I'm 100% OK with Kojima drawing inspiration from Deus Ex when it comes to social interaction in the game. Hopefully this doesn't add things like talking NPC's in the middle of levels, but rather impactful choices during cutscenes that directly influence the course of the game. Those hard-hitting moral choices that made Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Mass Effect 3 feel so powerful could do wonders for Metal Gear Solid.

    Of course, I only say that because I feel that, with four main series entries comprising one hell of a gaming saga already, I'd be totally OK with some experimentation in any further entries. I can also look back to 1-4 as the defining story of Solid Snake.

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    I like it if they add RPG elements to it,Deus Ex was a good game so i can only guess MGS 5 won't be anything less than EPIC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacksite View Post
    Considering he's already working on Zone of the Enders 3, which also utilizes the FOX Engine, we probably won't see Metal Gear Solid 5 anytime soon.
    I'm pretty sure he's been working on MGS5 for quite a while... I mean he's been tweeting screenshots of the Fox engine that look like they could be MGS, and that tech demo they showed a year ago looked like it took place in a Peace Walker type environment.

    Also the ZOE3 thing wasn't confirmation that he was doing it, it was confirmation that they want to and they are seriously thinking about doing it, and honestly I bet they will.

    That said it may still be a long time (few years) before we see MGS5 just because Kojima isn't known for developing very quickly. Either way direct confirmation is nice (although it has been pretty obvious for the past year or two if you kept up with his interviews and tweets).


    Also the ending of Peace Walker is the closest to demanding a sequel that any MGS ending has ever been. I'm hoping MGS5 is a bigger and better sequel to Peace Walker. Could totally end up being the biggest and best MGS yet if they do it right.


    Just read the whole article. MGS5 might not be as far along as I hoped. That just means we'll likely get to see some other awesome game before MGS5. I dunno, it's just always nice to here some tidbits about what Kojima is up to.
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