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    Quote Originally Posted by zex494 View Post
    I just don't see why it was such a shock that there was no PS4 E3 announcement. Sony clearly stated that the PS3 had a projected 10yr lifespan no matter what other consoles dropped. I agree with several other comments here saying the PS3 still has life. IMO we've just begun to see it's power i.e. Beyond,Last of Us,etc because 3rd party developers are just beginning to get the grasp of producing titles on the system.
    There are still great titles being developed for both consoles but the hardware is still limited. TLOU and Beyond look good but they still have that same "gamey" look that all games this gen have. You can still look at both and tell the difference between cut scene and gameplay. Hopefully, next gen it will be much harder to tell the difference. Theses are the types of enhancements I hope we will be getting.
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