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    Quote Originally Posted by F34R View Post
    I haven't had any issues with the games due to the system only having a single analog stick.
    But it could have easily been on there. The original has the circle pad pro, it's not like anyone misses out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by R3D D3V!L View Post
    Nintendo already segregated the userbase by introducing the Circle Pad Pro. By putting one into an updated version of the 3DS, that would by default increase the number of people who have dual sliders, therefore developers would be more inclined to support it. After playing on a Vita. I can never again go back to a single analogue setup, it's terrible.
    Nintendo has and will probably ALWAYS be behind the curve in getting things right. Yea they innovate here and there, but they still just can NEVER seem to close the deal with pleasing hardcore fans. And this 2nd nub issue is just another example. It seems like a small issue, but it really isn't because can you imagine what playing 3D games would be like on consoles if we just stuck with the old N64 design? that being just having one analong stick? PlayStation and Microsoft understood this. Even in PS's new Vita, they put it on their newest handheld. The smart thing to do would be to go ahead and put the new nub on the XL. It's $#@!ty enough releasing a new handheld every few years anyway.

    Nintendo lives in their own world. They don't give a flying $#@! about real gaming, it's all about gimmicks and toy-like features. Everybodys had enough of it.

    Quote Originally Posted by F34R View Post
    This was an obvious entry coming into the list of sku's. Next will be the Lite version. Don't like it, too bad lol. Get over the drama.
    That's a load of crap. People can't really prodict if Nintendo will continue to same progression with their handhelds like they did with the DS. We can't gurantee a "Lite" version. And people have every damn right to be angry and bring drama with the lack of the 2nd nub.

    I personally don't know if I'd ever buy a Nintendo product again.
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    The Lite came before the XL, so I dunno they might give the next one a new name, either way I'm waiting on it, just like I'm doing for Vita, as of now there's nothing on either console making me want either, which is fine, the longer I wait the lower the price gets and hopefully the games' catalogue grows.

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    My guess is the Circle Pad Pro hasn't sold to well, and there's not many games coming up to take advantage of it because of that, so that may be a reason for it. But I'm perfectly fine with my 3DS now, so I won't be upgrading.
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    This thing looks awesome. I think that I will pick one up in August.

    The Vita and 3DS XL have enough variance in game genre to justify this purchase for me.

    Can't wait!


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