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This site claims to be PS3-centric but it never claims to be PS3-supportive, and in fact, over the past 7 years, has made a big point that it will never be a PS3 fan site. The odd thing about this "philosophy" is that part of this view is that PS3 and Sony slagging, bashing, bad-mouthing, slandering, yellow journalism, etc. are all fair game for posts to be left in Discussions, are not flamebait and perfectly acceptable to be mostly unmoderated -- unless there is the slightest hint that the negativity in turn starts getting applied to Microsoft and the Xbox. A lot of the activity people whine about missing was when this was rampant.

A big problem that may not be surmountable is PSU is a British site and sometimes gets too provincial for Americans to "get it". It is like going to The Sun and wondering, who is that person and why am I supposed to care (not saying the Kardashians or Snookie is any better). The British started out being being PS3 fans in the beginning, then went over to the dark side for a few years, and only now starting to go back to the PS3 side.

The other big problem is that the environment makes it very difficult when PS3 Discussions is basically being monopolized by a small handful of the the "basement" boys, usually gushing over anything MS there, then venturing out into the PS3 section to dig up every poorly written or outright deceitful blog postings or website article they can cherry-pick from N4G or VG247. It does get very tedious and tiring, especially if one has seen it go on for almost 7 years now. It is the way it is and there is little to indicate anything will change anytime soon.

Thanks for proving most of the discussion here accurate

BTW - PSU is NOT a British site. Main offices are in Quebec. Most staff are American, Canadian, Australian, with forum staff in all geographic areas as well.