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    PSU Project - Top 32 game Tournament Details inside

    We are going to be running a community based "bracket" if you will of the top games of all time. Sort of will be structured similar to March madness, with rounds, brackets, etc...

    What we need is a logo for the tournament. Top 32 PS3 games. Each week it will be whittled down until there is only one, the Champ. Top Game as determined by votes.

    See what you guys can come up with. The winning logo (chosen by us) will be featured all over the site and elsewhere we advertise the feature.

    Not quite sure what the winner will get, but we will make it worth it.

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    I think you should be a bit more specific on what you want, Cuguy.

    For example, when you say, logo, do you mean something transparent or can it be like your current signature (maybe the maximum is 500x200 or whatever dimensions you feel are necessary) but with 'Top 32 PlayStation 3 Games' and whatever popular characters come to mind this generation?

    Also, for the prize I think it should be similar to what VintageElise decided to do with his competition. You guys can award the winner his/her game of choice for whatever platform they desire. Just my opinion, of course.
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    Thanks to Kwes for the signature!

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    Here's my take, it's huge wasn't sure how big you wanted it.

    Ver 2:
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