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    New Updates to Infractions and Bans

    While discussing some things in another thread, I decided it was time to visit the infraction system again.

    While the point values are the same, I made two noticeable changes.

    First, the points for infractions now expire after 6 months for ALL infractions, except instant perma-ban.

    Secondly, there is NO autoban system any longer. Mods and Admin are now able to instantly ban anyone if they see fit for any length of time, just like the past. Of course, each ban will be discussed in staff forums unless it is a blatant disregard for the rules and clearly deserving of a ban. This again is a return back to the old style of moderation.

    FYI for those who haven't seen it, or want to, here is the current rule list with associated infraction level points. We will also be amending the rules (removing some, modding others) to lighten the load so to speak. We are going to be putting a lot of trust in you, the members, to post what is right and tasteful. Keep in mind as you post, a rule doesn't have to exist for a staff member to infract you for what you are doing.

    No Advertising Other Sites, Rule 14. 1
    Text Must be Black, Rule 17. 1
    No Fanboy Terminology, Rule 20. 1
    No Rep Begging, Rule 21. 1
    No Mod/Admin Begging, Rule 10. 1
    No 'l337 Speak,' Rule 8. 1
    Signature Violation, Rule 7. 1
    No Spoilers, Rule 6. 1
    No Religious or Political Topics, Rule 24. 1
    No Necro-Bumping, Rule 24. 1
    Don't Abuse the Smilies, Rule 15. 1
    No Thread Derailment, Rule 22. 2
    No Excessive Thread Making, Rule 23. 2
    No Impersonating Mods/Admins, Rule 18. 2
    No Abusing the Report Button, Rule 25. 2
    No Spam, Rule 1. 2
    No Infraction/Warning Contesting, Rule 12. 2
    No Ban Contesting, Rule 11. 2
    No Warez, Rule 5. 3
    No E-Mail Abuse, Rule 13. 4
    No Insubordination, Rule 9. 4
    No Insulting/Harassing Other Members, Rule 26. 5
    No Unfit for Minors Material, Rule 2. 5
    No Flaming, Rule 3. 5
    No racist or $#@!phobic remarks, Rule 28. 5
    No Trolling, Rule 4. 10
    Instant Perma-Ban 30
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