Theme: Hot Women[Suggestion by, -Kwesnoth-]

-No ripping[Offenders will receive infractions or bans. Beware!]
-Vertical Signatures and Collaborations are allowed
-Dimension Size limit is 500x200 - 200x500 Vertical
-New signatures only[I will disregard old or recent sigs]
-Please no nudity!
-Have fun!
Prize: 5,000 SP + Rep. You will also be entered
in the upcoming SOTM poll where everyone will
gape at your greatness!. On top of that, your-
winning sig will be presented as a banner for-
the upcoming sig event!

Deadline: July 8, 2012

If you haven't done so, please vote on this week's event here:
SOTW # 186 Themes for the next SOTW!