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    Treasures of Montezuma patch released in NA, game is now 1000000x better!

    okay, so remember when this free game first came out on the psn, and it was free, but wasnt really that great of a game? well they patched it, and updated it with full trophy support, easier scoring, and leveling up is also about 100 times faster, making the game a lot more appealing to casual players, or bejewled addicts like myself. so heres a small list...

    Leveling is much faster

    You can now pause the game

    no more 5 times per day limit on plays, now as many lives as you have, is as many times as you can play

    hints have been implemented and combos are more frequent. Hints could wait a little longer to show up however


    and its a heckofalot more fun to play!

    Just figured id share this with you all, seeing as how i love it, and its finally fun to play if you caught it when it was free... or if its still free... im not sure anymore. I thought it was fun before but now its even better, its much closer the the level of quality that Bejewled is.
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