The HD remake news keeps flowing in hot and heavy today as SEGA announced today that Satarn classic and infuriating to type NiGHTS into dreams... will be gracing consoles this year.

The HD remake of the high flying platformer is seemingly based on the PS2 rerelease that never made it out of Japan. The rerelease is set to include the standard bells and whistles of modern downloadable games, with widescreen support, leaderboards and achievements. The announcement comes on the 16th anniversary of the game's original release.

Perhaps most interesting, the game comes with the original Saturn graphics, although it is unclear if this is a toggle that can be accessed in realtime like in the Halo and Monkey Island remakes.

The move is consistent with Sega's increased focus on games for the download sphere. Now give us the greatest gift of all and confirm Christmas NiGHTS is in Sega.