So, I had this Batman Arkham Asylum controller, and it has started acting up (panning up for no reason). And I had a MadCatz that did the same thing (I let the battery run all the way down and it hasn't been the same since). I also have my original PS3 dualshock that works nicely (except for football for some reason).

Anyways, I was playing with the Batman controller and it is bigger. It's more like an XBox controller. I've tried to go back to the Dualshock controller, but it is SO SMALL that it is making my hands cramp. And the way the L2 and R2 buttons are shaped, my fingers slide off the triggers. I think I'll stop by my local game store and see what they have for PS3 controllers. I'm going to see if they have something with bigger grips and larger trigger buttons. It seems I spend as much money on controllers as I do on games.

So, what type of controller do you use??