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1/ no X-game chat, really... this is 2012 for fooks sake.
2/ downloads that bring new meaning to "snails pace".
3/ installs that take an age only to be told when finished that there is an update. WHAT!!!
4/ useless bleedin joypad triggers that are not erm... triggers at all.
5/ joypad charge lead that is to damn short to use while wanting to play and charge. some of us sit more than 6ft from the TV ffs.
6/ useless non auto synchronising Trophies.
7/ a Move controller that more than a year later has yet to see a AAA game worthy of being called AAA.
8/ far to many exclusives that would struggle to get a mention if not for having the Sony name on the box.
9/ having to pay £40 a year to get auto updates to games/dashboard. this $#@! should be free.
10/ the tick box says comes with internet browser.... don't make me laugh.

and the PS3 is good because?
Are you actually for real or is this more for the fact we have this new forum sub-section?

I sincerely hope it's the latter...