Here are the guidelines for this forum, the Fanboy Throwdown.

Keep in mind, these rules do not supersede the forum rules and policies site wide, but rather amend them a little for this forum ONLY.

So, here is a brief list of what is expected:

  • NO personal attacks whatsoever. None. You will be barred from posting in this section permanently. Keep it civil. This is a highly opinionated thread, and lots of LOLZ posts will be made. Take it all in stride.
  • NO single word posts - "i agree" "this" are not posts, they are spam. If you agree, then take the time to post why.
  • Don't post graphic comparison screens in the Hardware (PS3/360 thread)
  • ALL images in the graphics debate forum must be in spoiler tags.
  • If you don't like the forum, don't post in it saying so. Sorry, but that will be considered trolling the forum.

Guys, this is a debate forum. Hence my requirement that each post has a response.

The rules, again, do not extend out into the other forums. ONLY for this forum are these types of discussions allowed. Normal, historical forum policies still are in effect outside of the fanboy throwdown, including trolling and derailing with fanboy material. These guidelines will likely shift and adapt as the throwdown evolves.