Just something that has crossed my mind lately, I have a relatively vast collection of music that I store on iTunes. I have been building and adding to it for years and years now and only ever owned literally a couple of CDs.

Call me crazy, call me supportive, hell even tell me that I'm wasting my time and money, but lately I've had an urge to build my CD collection up to the standard that my iTunes is at. I love music and I'd happily support my favourite artists (either again or for the first time). And I kind of think it will be cool to have a big collection of CDs hanging around my big collection of movies and games

So my question is to you guys, how do you prefer to have your music? Do you like collecting it all physically for that old school tangible feel (lol) or would you rather the (hopefully most of the time if your HDD doesn't die) convenience of digital storage?