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    I voted no. Dont get me wrong I enjoy my PS3 but it did really fail to live up to the hype especially considering some of the things Sony promised that Blacksite covered in his post. Sure theres been a few great exclusives that I love, bluray and free online but there has also been alot of vastly inferior ports of 3rd party multiplatform games that has tainted the PS3 experience for me as well. And even some exclusives that I had high hopes for but disappointed me. My favorite Sony consoles are in this order starting favorite to least favorite - PS2, PS1, then PS3. Sony just doesn't seem like the same Sony that rocked me with the PS1 and PS2. IMO Theyre a shadow of their former self. That being said I think Sony has learned some hard lessons this gen and I believe the PS4 will prove that. At least thats my firm hope.
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