Hey guys,

We've been speculating on PSU.com about whether Battlefield 4 could be a launch title for PS4, or perhaps be ported to Sony's new console later down the line.

An article is now up on the homepage regarding this subject. It's brief, but should get tongues wagging since I think it's something to consider.

The first three paragraphs are below, as is the link to the full article.

"Industry behemoth Electronic Arts surprised everyone this week by letting the cat out of the bag on the next instalment in DICEís Battlefield franchise. While no details were revealed on the military shooter, EA confirmed that those who pre-order Medal of Honor: Warfighter will gain access to Battlefield 4ís beta in fall 2013. Platforms, as well as a release date for BF4 have yet to be confirmed, though that hasnít stopped the rumor mill from cranking into overdrive regarding potential formats.

EA has previously touted it would never force DICE to annualise the Battlefield franchise, and indeed this seems to be the case. With Battlefield 3 launching last year to critical and commercial success, EA is giving MoH the spotlight for 2012, while smart money says Battlefield 4 will arrive late next year. While many were perhaps expecting something along the lines of Bad Company, a fully-fledged sequel is hardly a surprise given how successful BF3 proved. However, weíre still none the wiser as to what platforms the game will turn up on; a PS3/360/PC release is a given, but is it that hard to imagine the game making the transition to next-gen formats too? We think not.

Next-generation consoles are hotly tipped for a late 2013/early 2014 launch, making Battlefield 4 an ideal launch title for both PS3ís successor and the new Xbox. Aside from perhaps Call of Duty, Battlefield is the most prolific FPS series around, and would surely sweeten the deal for early adopters looking to make the next-gen jump. The fact the beta kicks off in autumn 2013 means the full product canít be too far around the corner, and ties in neatly with the purported launch window of PS4 and Xbox 720.