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    Report: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Cancelled?

    Reports are surfacing that Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which has been in development since 2006, has been cancelled.
    Kotaku is claiming that the planned PS3 exclusive has been canned quietly by Square Enix after it hasn't been seen in some time.
    The company has allegedly made the decision to let the game fade away rather than officially announce its cancellation due to concerns over stock prices. There has been much speculation over the past year that the writing was on the wall after the title was conspicuously absent from conventions.

    In fact, the last time the game was mentioned was back in May when designer Tetsuya Nomura told Game Informer that "We would like to ask for your patience on an official announcement for this title. It always takes time when tackling the challenge of doing something completely new, but we are doing our best to bring information to the fans as quickly as we can. Your patience is greatly appreciated."
    Kotaku also reports that resources used to make the game were folded into working on what will become Final Fantasy XV a few months back.
    We've reached out to Square Enix for comment. Whether true or not, an official cancellation would be better than simply letting the game become "vaporware", where its existence is never referenced again.
    Final Fantasy Versus XIII was originally announced in 2006 as part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series of games. The other games two games in the series announced at the same time, Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Type-0 have both been released, and Final Fantasy XIII-2 has also been announced and launched since.
    If true, any chance of me playing a future SE title is also "vaporware".
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