Okay, I guess this fits into this category of sub-forums, because it was entertaining, but I just wanna say this was really funny if you would have been there.

But anywho, I was at a party with my friend and we had just got there and my friend was sipping on a beer, and I was drinking my four loco, but my friend sat the beer down and rested him arms on a counter (which the stove was built into the counter where his arms was) so I walked over to him and started talking to him, and I realized his arms were on the stove, and I had the bright idea to turn on the burner that his arm was on, and all of a sudden he yelled and everyone looked over and just started staring at him, and his arm was burnt, thank God he wasn't too badly burnt or else I would have felt bath but he only had a strip of 2nd degree burns on his arm, and he didn't feel it after he had a few more beers!

But anyway, it doesn't sound funny in words, but it was way better in person!