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    These 6 PS3 games will make you cry tears of surrender

    Hey guys, recently did a feature on some of PS3's most difficult games, including the likes of Demon's Souls and Catherine. Obviously we couldn't include them all, and this is a highly subjective thing, so feel free to let us know what games you have struggled with over the years.


    I think most of us would concede that when it comes to games, we all relish at a challenge. Sure, sometimes we just want to kick back and effortlessly dispatch legions of enemies without breaking a sweat or zip unchallenged around a race track, but at the end of it, you canít beat the satisfaction that comes with beating a game after copious amounts of retries and profanity-induced sessions. Challenge is what drives us, what makes us more determined to overcome all adversity and maybe bag a Platinum Trophy along the way. Sure, it may sometimes make us want to hurl our controllers at the screen, but itís worth it in the end.

    As such, decided to honour some of the PS3ís toughest games to date; titles that test the patience and sanity of even the most hardcore players.


    It was a tough toss-up between this and spiritual successor Dark Souls, but ultimately the PS3-exclusive outing came out on top Ė just. Demonís Souls doesnít require you to tweak the difficult setting to up the ante; the gameís super-strict combat system is inherently tough to begin with, requiring you to make ever sword strike and block count. Button mashers beware: if you go without a second thought for strategy and precision, then prepare to have your character end up in a blood-splattered, disembodied heap on the floor. Demonís Souls is a game of both extreme patience and skills, but therein comes the reward. Toppling even the most rudimentary foe feels like a major accomplishment, let alone bringing down one of the hulking boss creatures youíll encounter. To make matters worse, players can also impede your progress by leaving traps for you via the gameís online component, giving you more to worry about than just your on-screen enemies. Oh, and if you die, then prepare for some major backtracking.  69798

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    I think that dark souls is the better game of the two:thumbup:

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