Did a quick search of the PC gaming forum and didn't find anything for the game.

First of all, to date there have been 5 releases for the game. Sins of a Solar Empire/Entrenchment/Diplomacy/Trinity(all 3 of the previous) and now Rebellion (Stand alone expansion with all content) You'd only have to make one purchase for Rebellion now.

If any of you haven't ever heard of this game, and you're a fan of RTS, I would highly recommend you look it up. It's a huge game with matches that can take anywhere from an hour to eight hours to complete. Although admittedly matches start out outrageously slow, but by the time you start getting 5 planets in your empire you'll feel like you don't have enough time to deal with the constant barrage of attacks from your enemies fleets, pirates, or an enemies bomber squadron that only came through to blast your planet to pieces. The game strikes a good balance between waging war, managing your planets defenses while also allowing you to pursue diplomatic ways of winning games. You'll find more often than not that making alliances is the only way to survive giant games that span multiple solar systems, as managing your trade routes becomes problematic when they cross between enemy territory and someone you have a trade alliance with. (enemy factions can blow up your trade ships and take away your money)

I wont lie, the game is not overly complex. But requires a great deal of planning when you play on higher difficulties, without a solid strategy you simply can not keep up.

Besides the point. The game's excellent, pick it up. Get in here so we can discuss all the fun ways we screw over the computer.


Screen Shots:
1080P Images of Research Menu and the Overview of the Galactic Map.