Over fourteen times a year innocent people are maliciously raped by dolphins. It happens all over the world and often goes by unnoticed. It could happen to you in any aquatic environment deeper than 4 feet, fresh water or salt. The male dolphins have an opposable $#@! which they will use to grab your wrist or ankle and pull you under water. It will happen quickly and rather quietly. Once you are submerged they will proceed to bring you to their rape caves, and violently ravage you. Dolphins have an extremely intense libido and are not easily satisfied. This leads to a high rate of drowning in most incidents. Divers have found the remains of humans as well as porpoises in these caves. After the cadavers were examined they found several bone fractures and dislocations throughout.

Dolphins are much more clever than you would imagine. They take advantage of their innocent look to reel you in. Sometimes acting in packs, using strategic maneuvers to overwhelm the swimmers. By the time you realize that the dolphin means no good you are already struggling for your life. The few that survived their encounter have suffered severe tissue damage and in some cases internal bleeding. However, the emotional trauma is by far the most difficult part to bear.

There are people who have been known to keep dolphins in pools and small ponds. Dolphins have even been found in the Amazon, Hudson and Mississippi.

Caution is advised in all bodies of water.
Is this for real? It's just hard to believe. Dolphins are supposed to be friendly and gentle.