I have always said I was not interested in browsing the web on my console. But with my Xbox 360 Qwerty Keyboard accessory, and the speed and ease of this new IE, wow it is nice. Great quality webpage appearance, fast and very simple to use. Every site I visit shows up on each one of my Xboxes at home too, and I didn't even have to enable any cloud settings for IE.

Pinning items to the home page is nice as well, giving you some personalization. You can pin websites, games, movies, videos...any media that the Xbox supports. You can also rearrange them.

The dashboard is faster, and it is a much clearer display. The metro boxes popout with a new quality feel, not so flat. The layout is much improved as well.

I wasn't aware that you could rename your Xbox though until I saw the video above. I am so glad they did that. Now I know which Xbox is which from my computer.

What are your thoughts so far, and what other hidden features have you found?

I have not checked out the Xbox Music service yet though.