Ok, as most of you know I ran a poll asking who would buy a PSU t-shirt if we set up a means to do so.

Well, we plan on moving forward with this.

As a result, I need your help. Errr... I mean, here is a competition for all you designers! This is your chance to have your art bought and adored by our loyal readers. Both of them! (i kid)

Anyway, we have something really cool in mind for the winner of this. What you ask? Let's just say if the design rocks you WILL get compensated!

So, here are some things we are looking to avoid.

It cannot just say PSU. Reason? PSU is also PENN STATE UNIVERSITY and we all know what happened there. So please, PSU is fine as long as it is identified as PS Universe, Or PlayStation Universe, whatever... no plain PSU lettering. Make it standout that we are NOT the college

It has to be clean, obviously. No "PSU $#@!ING ROCKS" or anything like that.

It can be a totally redesigned logo, use the current one, be a motto or saying, etc...

Post your images here. I will direct PSU staffers here to skim the entrants.

To reiterate, the winner will like what we have coming their way, I just don't want to spill the beans yet!