Q1 results reflect Riccitiello's 'PC is fastest growing platform' claim

Game publishing giant made more money from the PC platform than it did from PS3 in the quarter ending June 30.
In its latest report, the firm broke down earnings by platform, which provided an interesting insight into the state of the industry.Xbox 360 led the pack, bringing EA $292 million in the past three months. That compared favorably to the PS3 which did $267 million for the firm. But the PC platform actually managed to outperform Sony's console with $276 million.
Further dispelling any prior notion that PC gaming was under threat of death, these figures reflect EA CEO John Riccitiello's recent claim that the PC is the fastest-growing platform in the industry right now.
He said it was growing not through traditional boxed sales, but through subscriptions, micro transactions and downloads. Now we know what he meant; Origin has 21 million users, Battlefield 3 Premium has sold 1.3 million subs, and with $30 million in the bank this year Fifa Ultimate Team also continues to do well.
Could PC become the leading platform next-gen?