Hey guys,

Big sports gamer here. I get Madden & FIFA ever yr.-my 2 fav sports

I've had XBOX360 for at least 5yrs & am curious about switching to PS3. I used to have a PS1/PS2 back in the day & I've always said that it was my "first love" (gaming wise haha). It was extremely hard for me to switch over to the 360 when I did. I was all set on getting the brand new PS3 but since there was such a high demand for it when it was released, I wouldn't of been able to get it for at least 6 months - so I went & got the XBOX360 for $150 cheaper.

I use my gaming console 99.9% of the time to play sports games online in h2h mode. Is there any difference w/ playing sports games online between the 2 consoles? Do I need to pay for anything to play games h2h online on PS3?

A huge plus for me (& one of the main reasons I want to make the switch) is then I can stream my Seahawks games live via NFLSeasonTicket on my console. I will never get DirectTV so doing it this way, is the only way I can actually get NFLSeasonTicket.

I don't know many people that have a PS3, all my buddies hav 360s, so I'm looking to you guys for advice on this...sports gaming experience? Online experience w/PS3? NFLSeasonTicket experience on PS3? Any info./advice you can provide me - I'd greatly appreciate it!!