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    Final Fantasy VII taken off Square Enix Online Store

    A few short hours ago if one were so inclined to log into the Square Enix Online Store and peruse its offerings, one would find Final Fantasy VII available for purchase. Without ceremony, Square Enix’s most prized RPG was released for its online store. Whether this release is a surprise or a mistake remains to be seen, as Square Enix has yet to make a comment on the game’s sudden arrival.

    What Square Enix has done is taken Final Fantasy VII off their online store. If you click here you will be brought to where the game’s page used to be, now in its place is an error number with an apology. Here’s the message in full.

    We are unable to perform the selected action. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    Error Number: SIT_000002”
    Even though Final Fantasy VII was up for a mere couple of hours, a few details were gleamed from the short time it was available to the public. First off, the game will feature 36 achievements for gamers who want to fully explore the classic RPG, “Cloud Saves” will be available to those who are looking to continue their game wherever there is internet access, the game will be able to run on modern hardware without patches, and a ‘Character Booster’ trainer will be available.

    The game advertised for $11.99 on the Square Enix Store. Take note that since Square Enix has been mum on what exactly happened tonight these features and price should be taken with a grain of salt. Though the features and price point seem reasonable and predictable, nothing is ever confirmed until Square Enix says so.

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    I think what interests me the most is going to be the max resolution it can run at.

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