Microsoft is aiming for dominion of the galaxy with an upcoming project, according to a recent government filing. Microsoft filed a trademark application with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) on August 1 for "Galactic Reign." The mark is listed under the goods and services description of "video game software," with a specific mention of "online video games."

Microsoft is looking to the galaxy for a new unannounced project. As of press time, Microsoft had not returned GameSpot's request for comment on the trademark application.

Microsoft is not the only company to have sparked speculation with filings through the USPTO. Earlier this year, THQ filed trademark applications for "Evolve" and "1666"; Bethesda is seeking to trademark popular Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim dragon shout "Fus Ro Dah;" and Electronic Arts and BioWare are trying to grab "Paper, Scissors, Stone."

Trademark applications with the USPTO do not always mean a game announcement is imminent or will ever come to fruition. In 2010, Activision sought trademarks for a slew of Call of Duty names, none of which have been spoken of to date by the publisher.

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