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    5 characters we need to see in Resident Evil 6's Mercenaries Mode

    Hi folks,

    Resident Evil 6 includes the fan-favorite Mercenaries mode as you probably know, and we've put together a list of 5 characters we want to see make the roster. Check it out below.

    Capcomís always stuffed Resident Evil chock-full of unlockable goodies, though out of all the extra content jammed into each release, nothing has quite carried the same clout as The Mercenaries. Since its inception in 1999ís Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, this action-focused mini-game has remained a series staple. The mode eschews the exploration and riddle-solving components of the main story, instead focusing on unrestrained gun battles as players seek to rake in the high-score by vanquishing as many B.O.W.s as possible. Its addictive combo-based gameplay remains incredibly satisfying, lending it that Ďjust one more goí mentality thatíll keep you plugging away until the early hours.

    One of the best things about this mini-game however is the chance to play as classic characters that havenít seen the light of day in years, or even those who have been killed outright. Since itís not canon, Capcom is free to implement whoever they see fit. And, with Resident Evil 6 set to include its own Mercenaries mode Ė details of which are being kept firmly under wraps at present Ė decided the time was ripe to reveal five characters weíd like to see included in the game. It goes without saying that the likes of Chris, Leon, Jake and Ada and their partners are pretty much guaranteed a place in the Mercenaries, as they're part of the core cast -- and main players always get a place in this mini-game, as you'd expect.

    Did your favourite make the cut? See below, and donít forget to post your own wishlist in the comments section below.

    1. Billy Coen

    Former Marine Lieutenant Billy Coen hasnít been seen since his first and only appearance in Resident Evil Zero (Umbrella Chronicles is simply a retelling of past events, so that doesnít count), making him an ideal candidate for a Mercenaries revival. Coenís muscular physique and proficiency with firearms makes him an able combatant, and just the type of bloke you want at your side when faced with an army of zombies or Jíavo. While we long for Coen to return in the actual storyline, we doubt itís going to happen Ė heís on the run, after all, and has probably settled down somewhere where the threat of bio-weapons is a distant memory. Still, the Mercenaries would be a perfect opportunity to remind gamers of this underrated fellow, and we reckon heíd be an expert in heavy weapons alongside Chris. Plus, his sweet dropkick from the Umbrella Chronicles would make for a great signature melee attack, donít you think?
    Read more here --  69798

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    Yeah I think it would be cool to see Claire. I know she's a pain in the ass but I like her

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    Yup Billy needs some time to shine, As badass as he is.

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    Nice list. I'd love to see Billy and Claire. However, in past titles, we've seen characters that were actually in the game at one point. Maybe not Hunk in RE4. What are the chances that these people will even make it in? I'd imagine Capcom will be more focused on the titular characters, and RE6 also sees the introduction of quite a few new characters.

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    I would like to see Resident Evil games like the old and no mercenaries in new one etc.If I had to choose 5 to answer the question would be :

    1)Forest Speyer
    2)Enrico Marini
    3)Kenneth J.Sullivan
    4)Richard Aliken
    5)Billy Coen

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    All I would say is Jill Valentine

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