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    Quote Originally Posted by gangsta_795 View Post
    Certainly, Sony's 1st party titles have always been high-quality and things were no different with the Vita. They just needed more to show.

    I personally feel that Sony rushed thing with the Vita, seeing as they don't have the games to attract consumers in numbers. True that they should've saved some games and shown them over a period of time after the console's launch, the Vita also required a strong line-up. Of course, the culprit here being the lack of games overall.

    Though CoD and AC have the potential to increase sales for a while, if the norm is not continued and another few months pass without any good releases, it would be a similar situation as to what it is right now: Vita owners complaining about the lack of games.
    I think first party have shown enough so far considering the console has been out in the west for only 6 months, they should have just staggered the releases of them over a few months rather than ending up having barren months like we're experiencing now. I don't really think it's plausible to suggest they should have showed more, as I don't believe they have the resources or budget for that.

    Sony is just having a hard time attracting people to the console - But I don't believe it's down to their own game studios. There's quite a bit to play, people just don't know about them - same old problem with Sony. It still happens with services and games on the PS3, many titles don't sell as much as they should or as they can because people aren't aware of them

    Of course they need a strong launch line-up, but knowing you have no games set for release in the months leading upto Sly, AllStars, CoD and AC but still going ahead and releasing tons of games on release doesn't seem like it was a very good strategy, in retrospect. They would probably have moved a similar amount of units had they launched with half the games they did. People who are keen on buying new hardware on launch rarely care about the selection of games available. So long as they have something to play they just go out and buy it cos its new. It's the months after launch that really hold their interest on the device - if there is nothing to play then buyer's remorse begins, hence why people feel more inclined to sell as they can still get back something, anything, on their investment

    When you think about it, the sales of games like Katamari, Ninja Gaiden, Army Corpse of Hell, etc would have been cannabalized by games like WipEout (which btw, is the best entry in the series to date ), Uncharted and Everybody's Golf. [Maybe 3rd partys are pissed cos of that? ]. I only bought a few games on launch and settled down with them for a couple months before even thinking about buying anything else - and I'm guessing thousands of other people did the same. I'd imagine that people don't go back and check out the launch titles (they disregarded) just to find something to play - they look forward to see what's on the horizon.

    Anyway, that's only one aspect where I think Sony could have done things differently. Let's see how AC and CoD do. I'm not expecting that much of a boost in sales. However, if Sony are willing to drop the price before those games come out then I bet they could shift quite a few numbers during the holiday

    I don't own a Vita and even if I did, I would never do that. I was merely reproducing statements of people on PSU and in this thread as well.
    I know, people will regret buying a Vita I'm not going to try and change their decisions . I was speaking from a personal point of view how much of a waste it would feel like. Even so, it wouldn't be the end of the world for me (and my investment) if Sony can't turn around the Vita ship over the next year and beyond, because I'm 100% content with playing the PS1 and PSP Final Fantasy's until the end of time . The Vita is so damn comfortable during gaming, it just makes sense !
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