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    Team Fortress 2 pits Mann vs. Machine on August 15th

    It seems Red and Blu finally got over their differences and decided to unite against a common enemy: the machines. Team Fortress 2 is getting a new co-op mode on August 15 called Mann vs. Machine, pitting six players against waves of robotic dopplegangers.

    The players must defend Mann Co. as the robots attempt to plant a bomb, their only respite during the onslaught the "opportunity to upgrade abilities and weapons" as the waves progress. If the players do make it to the end, they can look forward to unlocking new achievements and earning "incredible loot."

    This Horde mode variant will include new maps and content, bit by bit of which will be showcased daily leading up to Mann vs. Machine's launch on August 15.
    via Joystiq.
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