Treyarch has announced that the focus on the latest Call of Duty’s multiplayer will be somewhat different to recent titles, eschewing the infamous kill streak mechanic, and instead focusing on serious E-Sports with a couple of new features.
At a special event as part of Gamecom this year, Activision and the developer showed off the game, which revealed that kill streaks are now score streaks – kill enemies and perform other ‘score based’ events and your score meter will fill; once full, you can use one of 22 score streak abilities.

Examples include collecting the flag, and killing those that are carrying the flag. It’s possible to obtain multiple score streaks, which apparently rewards inventive and “desirable” gameplay behaviour.

Other multiplayer details include the news that there’ll be 55 levels of progression and 10 levels of prestige and that unlock tokens will be granted each time you level up for weapons and perks.
There’s a new “Pick 10″ system too, which does away with primary and secondary weapons in the new Create A Class system and lets players pick 10 items, weapons and so on from a big collection for their class if they so desire.
The addition of League Play will also reinforce the idea that E-Sports are all important to the series, sorting players into divisions, and live streaming of matches will ensure there’re always spectators.
Of course, most of this was already leaked, but it’s nice to see it confirmed.

You want kill streaks? work as a team $#@!es. This should be a great way to stop campers.