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I'm the complete opposite, I think it's more on top than it ever used to be. I didn't like the season 3 at all, I thought it was a step down and too slow. I also didn't like the season where Lumen makes an appearance.

But more importantly, I wanna know why you don't like Dexter. I always see you talking negatively about the show, but I want to see specific examples of why you think it's bad?
Dexter was my favorite show bar none as I watched through the seasons up to season 4. I absolutely loved the ending to season 4. Season 5 was a bit slow, but after the trauma of 4 it was reasonable. I actually felt a connection with Lumen, I could empathize as Dexter starting falling for her. It was wonderfully subtle. Season 6 they tried to get back into the game and I was excited to see the religious clash. Mos Def was an unexpected hit for me, the best character that season and they ended him hallway through. The finale was suppose to be super dramatic with Dexter's son's life on the line but it fell so flat I was nearly bored.

Now with Hanna, it's like they're tossing a love interest at Dexter. I could almost see the writers saying "Well we had to write Stiles out of the show, let's give him someone else." There was a point where I liked Hanna, but then this finale just felt forced with her. He could kill her and I'd actually be happy. I'm glad LaGuerta has started Dexter's downfall, beginning to expose him, it's a storyline the show needed.