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    Quote Originally Posted by zzKurozz View Post
    Embrassing? How so? Lol
    Dude..Jin and Takaya were a joke I beat them so fast I didn't even get to see what moves they had lol
    Deathbound~critical~all out atk~I win
    When you talking to gamers it's okay to say your time but if i would've told anyone else they would've been like no life, you know? I'm talking 100 of hours of gameplay. There are very few games that can catch my attention like that(FF7, FFX, persona 3, Legend of the dragoon), that last one is really amazing.

    @Blacksite there are plenty of them underated games out there. As for getting into persona at 3, i think a lot of people got into that game at that one. My cousin loved that game after i showed him that game. I was telling about the dark hour, summoning personas, and other stuff. He was that sounds weird but played it a lot. Lastly, i feel the persona team will never be credited and everyone doubts there games. I think the persona team made catherine if i'm right. Everyone thought that was going to be bad at gamestop besides one employee that agreed with me that it was going to be amazing. (Digressing ftW)
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