Here's a bit from the link:

More than 70,000 people have donated their time and expertise to Brock's cause over the years. Many are full-time doctors and nurses who work at their own practices or hospitals during the week and then volunteer on the weekend. Remote Area Medical, or RAM, runs about 25 clinics a year, serving hundreds of patients at a time.

"It always has been a very much volunteer effort, not only in terms of physical contributions, but in their financial contributions," Brock said. "All these people, they're buying their own hotel and paying their own travel expenses to get here."

Medical supplies for the clinics are often donated, while RAM has purchased much of its larger equipment over the years.

Last month, Brock piloted a single-engine, turbo-prop airplane to California, carrying 20 dental chairs and other supplies for RAM's 663rd mission.

The clinic, held in Oakland, offered free eye exams along with glaucoma testing. Patients could receive prescription glasses that were made on site. Dental extractions, cleanings and fillings were also available, and medical services included pap smears, breast exams, acupuncture and testing for diabetes and HIV.

A day before the clinic opened, lines began forming outside the city's coliseum.
Wow. When I get the money and the resources, I'd like to create a non profit organization that helps with education and people in bad circumstances get out of those situations.

What kind of non profit organization would you create?