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    Quote Originally Posted by TDbank24 View Post
    The PS3 is in prime time for sure. It's time for Sony to start the show.

    2013 is going to be one of the best gaming years ever thanks to Sony's black box.
    Indeed next year is gonna be like 2004 which was regarded one of the best years of gaming
    There is a $#@! storm of games coming and with a price( new model PS3) things are looking good, its perhaps the best time to buy a PS3 imo
    PS3 is at that point now that really saw the PS2 take off, it may not be the same exact time and it may not have had the momentum the PS2 had but with 70+mil PS3 sold and being able to hit this out now rather then before can really push both sales & the life of the console
    Sony has said this isn't a Sprint, and they are right and both Nintendo & MS has already used their notorious
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    2013 is gonna be a huge year for the industry! Wii U will be out huge games being released for all consoles and more next gen rumors

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