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    [HELP] PS3 Taking all my wifi signal strength

    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong board, guys. Feel free to move topic.

    Like the title says, as of late, whenever I am logged into PSN, my wifi for all other machines, laptop, desktop, ipad, everything will not detect Internet and the only Internet being detected is through my PS3. I haven't changed anything with my router and this has been happening for about a month. My brother is getting annoyed that he can't get online while I am signed in so I have to sign out or some times even turn off the PS3 to cure the problem. If anyone can please shed some light on this, I would LOVE to get this problem resolved. Thanks a bunch, guys!

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    I doubt it's something going on with the PS3. Rather, it's something going on with the router or [internet device dsl/cable/fios, etc]
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    Could be your router, try upgrading your router. Which router do you have currently? If it's from a cable company complain to them and they will give you a better one or a working one.

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    1/ Are you using a N router
    2/ Are you forcing the other devices to connect at N only? (got them on a high TX/RX rate?)

    If you are, soon as you PS3 connects (G-wireless) your other devices wont be able to connect due to the router now working in mixed mode.

    Its unlikely, but its the only thing I can think of that would exhibit this.

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    I can fix this in 5 minutes.

    If you have a older n router in your house they only connect at n which means that if the laptop has a wireless g card it wont be able to connect while another device is in use you will need a new router i recommend a gaming router there designed to connect multiple devices to the network and unlike a regular router they can connect 20 devices instead of the standard 15 device limit that is imposed by other routers

    this fixed my issues with this same problem

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