I'm confused about how the rules are enforced on this forum. There are two scenarios I will use to show my confusion.

Scenario #1:
A member comes into a thread and says something very offensive. It's not a flame, but it could inflict harm on a person in real life. That member receives a warning. Then, that member repeats that behavior within that same week or so. You report it and silence ensues. You expect that person to get another warning or maybe an infraction but nothing seems to happen.

My question about this scenario is: Is there something going on behind the scenes members can't see? Is it possible that not all infractions are posted in the infraction section or something? Now, the member's part is to report it, but when that member does it again, it makes the member who reported it wonder if anything was done at all.

Scenario #2:
A members comes into a thread and blatantly flames people. He and others continue to flame members causing the staff to issue 2 warnings in the whole thread, telling them to stop flaming people. Posts are deleted.

My question about this scenario is: Why were 2 warnings issued? I mean, wasn't the first warning and posts deleted enough to signal it's time for infractions? I'm not critisizing staff, I'm just confused. Is it two strikes and you're out or something?

And asking these questions is not in no way to critisize staff. I think staff here do a good job. I'm just confused.

Thank you.