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    Dr Chille Returns! Giveaway 2012 begins *NA*

    Well hello there fellow fans of Science, I Dr Chille have once again returned to cause Havoc on your little forum *kehehe* this weeks giveaway shall be a $20 psn card.
    Remember you must have over 500 posts to enter the competition.

    1. Lethal_NFS
    2. itachi73378
    3. Kwesnoth
    4. DeviousOne
    5. Arif
    6. Kuro
    7. Blacksite
    8. Fenix
    9. Naxi
    11. DaLa
    12. XMW
    13. AaronSoldier
    14. Ray_210
    15. Nitey
    16. Greatness
    17. Drdredetox
    18. Zswordsmen
    Also be thankful that General Zodd hasnt returned, that pathetic man foiled my plans for the last time kehehe

    Competition ends Friday @ Midnight! Kehehe

    Dr Chille
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    Thank you itachi

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