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It's called tough luck. I want a million dollars but I don't go to a bank and stick it up to get it.

I said from the beginning that sony should have made the PS3 capable of converting PSone games to a playable format, just as I said the Vita should be capable of playing PSN downloadable games, they didnt do the first thing due to obvious piracy which i can understand but the other they found a way to at least start doing. There are things that we get and things we don't just because you dont it doesnt mean you should go out and pull a wild west in order to get it.
are you joking? its not the same at all.

its not tough luck... if the vita gets hacked then guess what... im GOING to rip the games ive already paid for... thats not tough luck... and its not even REMOTELY the same as wanting a million dollars and robbing a bank (wanting something you dont have and taking it is NOT THE SAME AS owning something youve already paid for and playing it on something else youve already paid for... this isnt "wild west" $#@!... this is isnt theft.. its not even wrong... if you own it then go for it...

Personally I wanted portable PSone games so I got a device that would let me play my ripped games from my collection without hacking the PSP or the vita.
lmao... the stuff people come up with these days is ridiculous. Seriously? i shouldnt be allowed to rip my PSone games and PSP games (that i already own) and play it on a hacked Sony console... but its okay for you to Rip PSone games and play it on a DIFFERENT shady console? hypocrite.