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    [NA] Closed Beta key (Only got one, so first come..)

    Your PlayStation®Network voucher code is D6FK-5TNB-3PNJ

    1. Make a note of your PSN voucher code above
    2. Redeem the voucher code at PlayStation®Store
    3. Download DUST 514
      1. Browse to find DUST 514 in the PlayStation®Store.
      2. Select "Add to Cart".
      3. Select "View Cart", then "Proceed to Checkout".
      4. Confirm your purchase to begin downloading DUST 514.

    4. Once the download is complete, install the game and you are ready to play online!
    I got in through PS+, and I honestly didn't enjoy it/barely worked at the time. So uhh.. here you go lol

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    I got my beta key about two days ago.
    Dust was a HUGE let down, I mean the game was just ass.
    Hopefully it was the beta that was ass and the release will be better, but I have my doubts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fumoffu Sousuke View Post
    I got my beta key about two days ago.
    Dust was a HUGE let down, I mean the game was just ass.
    Hopefully it was the beta that was ass and the release will be better, but I have my doubts.
    My biggest issue with the beta is the controls, they are way too twitchy (maybe I need to mess around with the options). That's my only real gripe with the game at the moment. This game is still very much a work in progress.

    For me personally though, it's everything that lies underneath the FPS wrapping that makes this one of my most anticipated titles. The game has a depth (in the works) that puts every other FPS game to shame imo.

    When I first played the beta a few months ago, I didn't know much about the game. After the precursor build launched, I decided to read up and watch all of the EVE Fanfest keynotes and my mind was blown. This game has no final build or final release, it will get ongoing updates and expansions. Some of the things they talked about seeding into the universe are amazing. I think for a lot of people, Dust will be of little interest, but after about a year or 2 after the first wave of expansions and graphical improvements roll out, interest will rise.

    CCP are just building the foundation for Dust now, and I mean BARE BONES. In time it will be a badass free to play FPS. Also, I'm sick of games like BF3, where I invest time into my character to level him up, only to leave him behind when the next installment comes out (we know BF4 is on the way). That won't be the case with Dust, I will always have my persistent character who will battle on through the years. CCP have also said that Dust will be made for PS4.

    I think it's like EVE though, it's definitely a niche game.

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