Why the heck isnt there a tennis thread?! Well there is now!

Lets get right to it. Imma fed man. Hate rafa, like novak and am warming to Andy.

We all know that Fed is the GOAT, but he cant go on for much longer. Can he??

Rafa might not be the same player after all his knee injuries. Will he?

So that just leaves Andy (and he will win more GS's) and Novak. The rest outside of the top for are just not in the same echelon as the others.

I didnt want Andy to win last night, but he did and i cant take take that away from him. It has been coming for ages now. He is good as anyone else in the top 4 and beat a champion, one of the best, on his favourite surface to take his 1st title. When he won the gold, i was like meh, fed gave up, its not a GS so it dont count!

Dont really watch womens tennis, but Serena Williams, might not be everyone cups of tea, but she is defo the female GOAT.