The high-definition remakes of Sonic Adventure 2 and NiGHTS into Dreams will be released on PlayStation Network in the U.S. on October 2, 2012, SEGA has announced.

Both games will turn up on the European PlayStation Store the next day and also hit Xbox LIVE Arcade on October 5. They’ll set you back $9.99/£6.49/€7.99 each via Sony’s online platform and 800 Microsoft Points via XBL.

Furthermore, gamers can supplement their Sonic Adventure 2 HD experience with the Battle Mode DLC for $3.00/240 MSP, which adds a number of extra goodies previously only released on GameCube.

NiGHTS fans meanwhile will receive the Christmas NiGHTS expansion free of charge, which was available back in 1996 via the Sega Saturn holiday bundle and special magazine promotions.

Sonic Adventure 2 was originally released on the Dreamcast in 2001, while NiGHTS hit the Sega Saturn way back in 1996. Both games are considered classics on their respective platforms, garnering critical acclaim and maintaining a cult following to this day.
via PlayStation Universe.