Hi folks,

I know this is a bit late since the game came out last week, but I couldn't seem to find any threads dedicated to Tekken Tag 2 reviews, which seems a bit odd since it is a 'big' release.

Anyway, I thought i'd kick things off with PSU.com's review for the game.

Given the abundance of beat-‘em-up titles that have punched their way into stores the past 18 months or so, you’d be forgiven for initially giving Tekken Tag Tournament 2 the cold shoulder. After all, with the likes of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Street Fighter x Tekken and Soul Calibur V competing for your hard-earned cash, a new game has to offer something unique and captivating in order to differentiate itself from its contemporaries. Fortunately, Tekken Tag 2 does just that, offering what is unequivocally the strongest console entry in the franchise for a good couple of years. Yes, it’s not particularly original, nor does it challenge any pre-conceived notions you may have of the franchise, but it works – and rather well, too.
Full review here: http://www.psu.com/a016948/Tekken-Ta...-Review?page=1