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And so that was the end of Detective Elliot Stabler Roman the Guardian.

Impractical Jokers Season 2 Episode 3 Alcide and his pretty brunette second (anyone catch her name?) are training for the big showdown. This involves rolling around together and a fair amount of obvious sexual tension. Their training session was cut short by the arrival of Marcus' mother Martha, who's still looking out for puppy-Emma. Martha was all Team J.D. until she caught him trying to give Emma vampire blood later in the episode. Flashpoint season 5 Episode 1Does this mean she now has to choose allegiance between a Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 2 V-addict and the man who killed her son?Lafayette visited Jesus' grandfather, who sewed up Glee Season 4 Episode 2 Lafayette's mouth and was about to cut into his brain to take back his family's powers and put them into his unborn child. But the pregnant mother stabbed him and possibly killed him, so I'm not sure where that leaves Lafayette at this point. This story arc seems so detached from everything else that I'm not sure what to make of it. Like Terry's arc, it might have been better off saved for another episode when there was more time to deal with it.Go On Episode 3 Moving on, Pam has Tara working the pole, which she seems to prefer to bar tending. Tara's mother stopped by looking dressed for church and declared Tara dead to her. Guess what, Lettie Mae? She's dead to everyone else too. Tara's always had a strained relationship with her mother, but given everything she's been through, her mother's formal dismissal of her can't have helped her mindset as a new vampire.