Hello PSU community!

In my capacity as 'Midwest Editor' and one of the several GW2 players on staff, I have set up our official PSU guild on the Sanctum of Rall server and learned a bit more about how guilds work.

You can join ANY guild, regardless of the server you play on. You can also freely participate in guild chat, regardless of the server you're playing on. So, feel free to make characters on whatever servers you like. Sanctum of Rall is the official server for playing together - some day soon, we hope to have editors, writers, forum members, and readers all banding together to battle evil, troll Lion's Arch, and have a great time in this incredible fantasy world.

In any case, here's what you do:

Hop in-game and send a message to PaybackPrahl.3192 (that's me)

I'll send you a guild invite when I see the message. We've got different guild ranks set up for Admin, Officer (editors), Staffers (writers and newcomers to the staff), and Members (everyone else, including PSU readers and followers).

Now, the rules on naming a guild are pretty strict - you can't have more than one capital letter in a word, and every space you enter automatically makes the next letter capital. As such, I couldn't name it "PlayStation Universe". Instead, I chose something that could incorporate part of the PSU lexicon and still fit in with this high fantasy setting. I chose...


Thoughts? If everyone totally hates it, I could make a new guild, but I thought this sounded really cool while doubling as both a reference to Podcast Derailed AND a euphemism for staying up late playing video games all night.

P.S. If you'd like to leave your acct. name here for me to invite you the next time I log in, feel free Could be a good way for members to meet up beforehand.