Post: RANT- Bayonetta 2 becomes a WiiU Exclusive- Disappointment 2 PS3,Nintendo slams Sega
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No, I'm afraid you gave no example at all of your argument. And any attempt you did present was something I addressed already as bunk. I simply did so while demonstrating to you how confused you are regarding your comprehension of my initial post (i.e. you presented a strawman in response to it, probably without even realizing) and your efforts overall here, is all. --There is no example where a game being multiplat would not be better if the same game was made exclusive during development. GTA4 showed us that, with a world much smaller than San Andreas' and less content as well. FF13 showed us that also, and then guess what, FF13-2 actually looked worse than FF13 since the engine had to be modified more for cross-platform development this time. As seen in this edition of Lens of Truth here. Talk about competency, you stopped attempting to argue a point several posts ago. Rather, you just dipped into the 'omg u r so mean 2 me, and I still disagree!' realm. To summarize once more: 1. If I'm not a fan of a game to begin with, exclusivity to any system will give a little more interest to me. Simply because the experience can only be found one way. Rarity makes anything more alluring. 2. To address your strawman again; "If a game is good then its good regardless of whether or not it can only be played on one console." This is a slack-jawed, obvious statement, and irrelevant to my initial statement. I do actually own multiplat games of course. Because they are good games. Irrelevant to the statement that they would be better if they were exclusively developed of course--whether for the 360 or PS3, it doesn't matter. You won't have much to say but repeating what was outlined already, I'm sure; "somestuffbeforethis, lol I still disagree." Ok. Good to know I guess. Let me know when you have an actual point to make.
Wow. You sure do ramble alot. Well its pretty pointless to try to have any kind of intelligent discussion with you because its like trying to debate with an 8 year old. Any game I bring up you'll just say I disagree. I'm still waiting for you to make a valid point instead of just babbling on about nothing. And if you honestly dont think Mass Effect is a good quality series for example then thats evidence enough to me that you dont know what youre talking about anyway. Games like Resistance and Haze were exclusive but are of lower quality than games like ME or Skyrim. Some games like FF should have stayed PS3 exclusive but exclusive doesn't always guarantee quality. Too Human on 360 was exclusive but also lower quality than alot of multiplatform games.